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Every building
is a home
to its stories.

 The stories of who dreams it, who inhabits it, and — most important to us — who builds it. Since Suffolk’s founding forty years ago, we’ve seen these buildings contain multitudes. We’ve also seen how the dazzle of complex structures and their enduring presence in our daily lives can fade those stories to the backs of our memories. 

As we approached our 40th anniversary this year, we wanted to find a way to bring the builders’ stories into the spotlight. We wanted to hear their words. To capture what it feels like on the ground. What drives them, where they come from, and who they really are. We gave our people a chance to share those parts of themselves, and we chose forty of those stories from across the country to share with you — real, unvarnished and unexpected.

So, we bring you Forty Stories.
From the only people who can tell them. 
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